We are René and Nathalie, 

Together since 2005 and parents of twins since 2011

A bit of weirdo’s who love to do the things just a bit different. We do all kinds of stuff. Together we like to make fire and drink coffee off it !

We like to laugh and see things just a bit different. We share those pictures on our socials, and here we share some tips tricks and ‘know how’s’, but over all kicking some fun ! René loves to fly planes and drones, Nathalie likes to write and makes pictures, with photos or pencils. On our sites you’ll find a bit of everything we do. 

Hopefully we bring you a little laugh in to your day !



Have a look at our stories and fun since when we have started writing about it. In the beginning we kept kicking fun for ourselves, but since 2011 we started writing to share it. 

Take a look at the blog we keep and share the fun ! 


A podcast about Ruzol and how he gained friends by building a rocket himself. 

It’s all in Dutch 

Playlist with over 17hrs music, so you ca drive 1000 km without hearing double numbers.







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