I recently heard through a good acquaintance (I'm not very good at reading yet) that I've been fooled a bit here. Liza has been typing again and acting like I was some kind of idiot. Oh girls...! To prove her wrong, I rolled from my back onto my stomach three times yesterday. Yes, she doesn't imitate me like that! The lady in question was once again sleeping in bed, at least I'm awake. But yes, fair is fair; she's quacking like a duck so much, that would make me tired too (I'm getting tired too) But at least this way I have some time to type something here without her noticing

We recently drove very far away in the car with Mama (Mama was talking about Apeldoorn or something). But that was cool because suddenly there was a lady who gave Mama a very nice bicycle trailer! (Mama did take a few pieces of paper from her bag though, Oh well, whatever she wants.) So Mama has cleaned it completely and when Papa comes home he will do something to their bicycles so that the cart can be attached to it. can hang out, so the four of us can enjoy cycling! Nice, I'm looking forward to it. At least then I'll see something again.

Ohh I hear Liza waking up... People, you'll hear from me again! 


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