This is where it all comes together, in the triangle of photography. That sounds like a nasty sect doesn’t it ? Well it is a lot less creepy.  Here is a picture of what we all have spoken about so far. And not entirely coincidental there is a triangle  in the picture to. That’s to understand it al clamps together.  Let’s take a look. 

( Off course you can make a screenshot and bring the print along to have a peek while your on the road )

Let’s say you want a longer shuttertime, because you want to get those funny stripes of the lights of the cars, or maybe because you want to get that spooky effect in a waterfall. Two different circumstances  

When I told you about shuttertime I told that the longer it was, the lighter the photo got. So what would you see if you shot a 3 sec photo of a dark road ? What would happen if the sun shines on your waterfall ? 

In the first case your picture might be quite nice, but in the second case, you’ll get a totally overexposed photo. Then you should compensate ! So if you imagine some sliders on that triangle and they would work perfect together if they are al in the middle, you can imagine that it would be out of balance if one got out of place, than you just simply get it in balance to get another at the opposite side. It’s a bit hard to imagine a scale in a triangle, but if you try you can, I believe in you  ! 

It’s a bit of technical story, but once you get this, you will be a more professional photographer. The point is that when you shoot in the M (manual) position of your camera, you get more and more control about the end result. If you chose other position the camera will chose the other settings 

So if you are choosing […] The camera choses […]

M - Nothing, you have to balance the scale all by yourself and have all the control

S  - Aperture and ISO, You chosen your own shuttertime and your camera helps you with the rest

A - Shuttertime and ISO, same as above

P/AV - This is an automatic stand, the camera does the trick 

So if you just started photographing, I would say; have some fun, make nice pictures and get to learn your camera just on the automatic position.

If you just want to try be a bit different, try starting out the S and A position. Make some close-up’s or portraits with a low f number, so a blurry background. Or try to shoot some night photo’s with a longer shuttertime. Can you do the stripes on car lights ? I dare you ! 

Just when you get better and better, you can try to play with the M position. There is no fail, only learn ! So try and trow away, there’s no shame in that you have learned from mistakes  !

And just adding, there is no shame in letting the camera do some for you. It’s a weird opinion to say professional photographers just shoot in M, it’s simply not true ! They also shoot in other positions. It’s al about the end result. And most of all; Have the fun !! 

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