So last time we spoke about this ting in the camera. As told this is the thing that can make the size of the hole in our tin can camera. Because the slats you see here can move, they can make a bigger or smaller hole where the light comes through. Again that light ! Yes photography comes from Greek, φῶς (phōs): light, and γράφειν (graphein): write. So it means writing with light. And that’s what we do while we have our camera’s in our hands. 

But back to our aperture, the size of this hole is written in an F number. It say’s like 

F11 on your camera or F2.3. 

Obvious 11 is here a larger number than 2.3, so you would expect the hole was bigger in that case. But no, the hole is smaller if the number gets higher. There is a why of course, but for now, just accept the fact. I’d like to say, just think of the border, tháts bigger if the number gets higher ! 

What is true is that the higher the number gets, the more dept of field you got. So by example, 

This photo has a low F number

so a big hole 

and a small dept of field

The fore, and background ar a bit blurry, and sometimes that’s just what you want in a picture

This photo has a high F number, 

so a small hole 

and a large dept of field

All of it is sharp, and for this image that’s what I wanted

Though I just wanted René to get out of this heli off course, because I just wanted him home and couldn’t wait !

Then there is another thing about aperture. That’s called diffusion. If you use a bigger F number, the image you’ll get get’s diffused. Compare that whit your light on your bike. There is a little (red) plate in front of the light what diffuses the light. Well remember; the higher the number got the smaller the hole was. So now that’s gets important, because a to tiny hole will result in diffusion of the light that falls on your sensor. So the maximum for a real good picture is a F number of about 11. Don’t go much further. Most camera’s can, but if you would enlarge the picture at poster format, you will see this ! 

Next time we are gonna talk about the photo triangle !
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