If you look close in your lens you might see this picture here. It’s the shutter of your camera. Still remember our little tin can camera ? This thing in your camera is the hole in the can. Two things can be done whit this hole, the size can be modified, and the time you’ll get your finger of that hole can be changed. So in case of the tin can camera this has two functions. Shutter time, and aperture, but in case of an advanced camera these two are separated. So in fact this is kind of a wrong picture for this blog, because the thing we’re gonna talk about is the not the aperture what this thing controls, it’s the shutter inside the camera. Literal a thing that’s shuts your sensor from the light like your finger did on the tin can camera. 

As told the shutter time is the time when the lens is opened. In photography nowadays it’s way shorter than it’s used to be, because we can set the ISO much higher (This is about the photography triangle, I’ll tell you in a later lesson.) In the early day’s of photography the paper was so ínsensitive that people never laughed on photo’s, simply because it wasn’t doable to keep that smile on for a shutter time that long, you just would get cramp. Just in the beginning of 1900 when Kodak came out with a camera with shorter shutter time, the smile on pictures became more and  more common.

So here we have another factor in photography, the longer the shutter is opened, the lighter the picture will get. But do you remember the ISO ? It also had to do with light, so both things have influence on the brightens of your result. Well I can reveal that the aperture does the same,..so that’s a spoiler about the photography triangle. 

So a long exposure time will be a light picture, then again, keep that smile on, or the picture is moved and blurry. 

For now it’s important to keep in mind; 

Short shutter time     =     Darker / Still

Long shutter time      =     Lighter / Blurry if moved

See you next time when we go on about aperture !

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