So you’re familiar now with the camera, and understood a bit about how it reacts on different circumstances, but maybe you just don't get why it does the things it does. Well here we're gonna talk a bit more about ISO. ISO used to be the light sensitivity of the film inside the camera. In the old analogue camera’s you needed to put a film of course and when it was full you brought it to a developer (or did it yourself) And when the filmmaker was developed you could see what you’ve made. These rolls of film were available in different kind of sensitivity’s expressed in a number of ISO, it’s acronym for “International Organisation for Standardisation” Though the organisation has nothing to do with it anymore. Nowadays it’s a standardized term. 

The higher the number the higher the light sensitivity. What means that if you open the lens for let’s say 1/100sec on a piece of 100 ISO film it will be much darker than if you open the lens the exact same time on a piece of 1600 ISO film. The higher the number, the more the film reacts on the light through the lens, it’s more sensitive. 

When the digital cameras came, they simply copied the effect in the software. Of course there is no paper anymore, but they made it so that the effect on your photo will be the same. Because it’s now software, the upside is that you can change the effect for every other photo you make. In a digital world you don’t have take into account a film for all your 36 photo’s at the time. Every single picture can be specialized!

Remember our tin can in lesson 2 ? Well the ISO is the paper put inside. As told there, it was light sensitive.  That’s all what ISO is,..the light sensitivity of the paper, nowadays off course just a digital sensor

If you start photography, just put that ISO on automatic on your camera. In fact I can tell you many professional photographers still do that. A camera is good capable to make good settings for the picture it sees, there are only just some exceptions where ISO better can be done by hand. So leave this one on auto. Not all photographers will agree this one with me, but hey, that’s why we are al individuals don’t we ? 

See you next time when we go on about shutter time !

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