Your phone is able to make amazing pictures. But maybe you want a bit more of your photo’s ? You have a nice camera, but you just use it on the automatic stand, and you don’t give yourself credits for making nice pictures. Well at first; Also automatic pictures ór phone pictures can be very cool ! So give yourself some credits, just taking another position which the photo is taken from or touch your screen to play with the focus point of the picture can do very interesting things for your pictures and make you a more creative photographer !

But now you are here and you want more of that camera, because that’s why you’re still reading (Thanks for that !) 

The first beginning of the camera is to use that automatic stand. Just get your camera and go out ! Put it on automatic stand, and get to know how to frame a nice picture. Does it work better from a high or low standing point ? What are the objects you like to photograph ? What times of the day you think are the coolest ? Photography is an form of art, so there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. It is just getting know yourself and your camera a bit better. 

Then if you are done whit taking pictures, go home again. Put your memorycard in your computer and show the info of what the camera did. So that you see your photo and next to it the info about the Shuttertime, Diafragma and Iso wich the camera has used to make the picture. Look at them and learn. The camera knows a lot, but you can know better ! And thát’s what you want to learn. To play with these. So first you can learn to know 

“Heey, it’s bright outside, my camera took a short shutter time, a low iso and average aperture,..” 

Just that, just noticing. It will learn you to get what is happening. So take your time for this step !

See you next time when I tell you more about how a simple camera works !

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