A few years ago my mind was a bit of a mess. Somewhere I read about journalling. I saw al those girly books with drawings an beautiful outlays and thought,..this might be a good thing for me. In Holland we have of course the best example of what a diary can do with Anne Frank. So a bullet journal or journal isn’t something new. Even captain Ortega described when he saw the Snorkels, so what’s new..? 

As long I can remember I was writing in little books and every time I was given a nice book or writing, I strongly decided

“This is gonna be my diary, and this time I’ll be strong !”

I didn’t …

But al these small diary’s included, I journal as long as I can remember. I have still a quite few of them, and it’s funny to see what you thought at a certain time. How you moved along, how you coped, or maybe even forgot to deal with it. And so you can easily be your own teacher. 

So back to that few years ago, I read something about bullet journalling. It was done with bullets, not the one from the military but a dot was an appointment, an arrow something to move for, or backwards. An exclamation mark … if it was important. 

Well,..I have to say, I tried. Pure accidentally I started with it on the first of January. I did place some bullets and arrows,..drew me some pictures and thought,…well is this it ? 

It might do the trick for some people, it didn’t for me. What I needed was a writing that helped me to understand me,..not an agenda for the family, we have digital options these day’s what the whole family can enter on their own device. Not an drawing notebook. I like to draw, and sure, I make some doodles in it still sometimes. But it isn’t main case. 

So I startend the next month, tried it a bit different. Also not quite as needed. 

Another month…another try. 

I forgave myself my ‘mistakes’ and knew I was learning a method working for me.

For me It finally is now a kind of agenda set up. But I don’t write my appointments, but just the things that day happend. Sometimes what I felt with it. I keep what I eat (I have some troubles with my digestion so it’s handy to know were it might came from)  And every month starts with two empty pages, at the end of the month I print some photo’s taken that month and so it’s a nice small picture book at the same time.

But that’s for me, it might be different for you. The point is a journal helps you to;

* Keep your thoughts in place,…if you read it back once and a while

* Find words for your feelings, and with that it starts some processing 

* Understanding what happend (Went wrong or right) and how you can do that different another time

* Keep’s up your handwriting ! Writing every day keeps up your muscles for handwriting

But most of al, its just fun to do. It’s private, so you can say every thing and no one is hurt. It’s just yours. And all you need is a note book and a pen. You can go as crazy as you want. 

But one thing is for sure, buy yourself something nice; You’re worth it ! 

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