It was a mighty long time ago, though it feels like just so short. I had an appointment with a friend, but she lived like 2,5 hrs away. René was offshore, so driving along ánd back just seemed a bit to much with also having the coffee. The friend simply had no room for 3 visitors, so I started looking for a camping nearby. And so the adventure started….

It was 2019, we had a little 3 persons Quechua tent (Decathlon) So I packed 3 beds, sleeping bags and some stuff for a night,…and two óver enthusiastic kids; We went camping !!!

The coffee was great, the tent,..wasn't that big as Decathlon had promised. We now know Decathlon always promise one person more than possible. I wasn’t able to inflate the airbeds fully at the place, hadn’t tested it off course, but the fun was there. We díd had a good sleep, and we were in love. 

At home we went looking for more, the sparkle was set and we wanted to go on survival with all off us. So René fell in love with a 8.4 at Decathlon. With these tents the first number is the number of persons (Decathlon thinks) is able to sleep inside. And the second number is the number of rooms the tent has. The 8.4 was 8 by 4 meters in size (!) We found a second hand, and when we had set it up,….we sold it again, no money lost. It was fantastic, but no camping could have that spaceship ! 

So maybe a bit smaller, we bought 2 of the 4.1 (4 persons, 1 chamber) Well,…we rained away our first holiday ! It was still ‘half’ in Covid time, and we had nowhere to go, we only could laugh, very hard. It was a terrible start of a camping experience ( You can see it here; YouTube ) But we had fun. I have to admit I was surprised how René stayed positive in this rain and cold. He wasn’t a camper at all ! But he loved it and kept looking for solutions.

So the tents were sold (again) and a bigger one was bought. The 6.1 this time. We also wanted to save on stops-in-between, we didn’t want to spend on hotels. So we also bought a Sheepie Yuna Family, rooftop tent ( have to admit; it isn’t that much cheaper ). We mounted that one on the trailer and so we were able to sleep on the road. We had two marvellous holidays in this combination. But it started to be a big camp, and it was a lot of work for the set-up. We just wanted one thing to sleep all in. 

Yeah, I know, we are quite fickle, we are just looking what’s working. We like the adventure, but we wanted to find out cheap whether it was something for us or not. Maybe we could’ve done cheaper, but heey, we DID kick some fun already !

So for now we have eye on a Australian trailer tent; Gordigear Savannah, We think it looks really cool, a bit tougher than the most models we’ve seen (Of course it’s Aussie-cool, and there is a big lizard on the back ! ) It’s bought separate, so it can be placed on our own trailer ! And with that it’s much cheaper than all the other trailer tents we’ve seen. 

See our adventures so far on our YouTube channel


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